Embrace. Engage. Employ : The importance of social media to brand reputation and talent acquisition

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Social recruiting isn’t something that’s going to go away. 

With the increasing reliance on a millennial workforce and the challenges of skills shortages, engaging the innovative talent of the future is only going to become more reliant on consistent and fantastic social strategies.

A recent report carried out by SocialReferral found that 63% of HR professionals surveyed believed that social media would play a critical part in their future recruitment strategy but few surveyed were actually backing up that belief in practice, with only 23% encouraging employees to promote the employer brand and roles on social media.

So few organisatons are really doing social recruiting well. But with the right tools and attitude, HR and recruitment professionals have the chance to really make their mark with this if you get the right support to make this work for your business. 

Game-changing not only for talent attraction, but for the careers of those who get this right before their peers. Download this Whitepaper to find out more!


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